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Facet Raw Ametrine Gemstone 500 Carats

Facet Raw Ametrine Gemstone 500 Carats

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Ametrine Gemstone:

  • Weight: The total weight of the Ametrine gemstones is 500 carats. Each piece weighs between 10 carats to 20 carats.
  • Clarity: The gemstones range from "VVS" to "eye clean."
    • VVS (Very Very Slightly Included): This means the gemstones have very tiny inclusions that are hard to see even under 10x magnification.
    • Eye Clean: This means there are no visible flaws or inclusions when you look at the gemstones with your naked eye.

Ametrine is a beautiful gemstone that features both amethyst and citrine colors, creating a unique and attractive look.

Ametrine is a beautiful gemstone that combines two colors: purple from amethyst and yellow from citrine. It is formed naturally and has a unique, attractive look because of the mix of these two colors in one stone.

How to Use Facet Raw Stone Ametrine ?

To use raw Ametrine for faceting:

  1. Clean: Wash the raw Ametrine to remove any dirt.
  2. Inspect: Check the stone for any cracks or flaws.
  3. Cut: Use a gem cutter to shape the Ametrine into the desired design.
  4. Polish: Smooth and polish the facets to make the colors shine.

This process turns raw Ametrine into beautiful, sparkling gemstones for jewelry




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