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Facet Grade Rough Gemstones

Explore a diverse array of rough gemstone options tailored for skilled cutters. Our collection boasts stones of varying sizes and qualities, presenting a multitude of opportunities. Choose from an assortment of large and small lots, encompassing a range of gem types such as emerald, peridots, amethyst, citrine, topaz, garnets, as well as rare gemstone varieties. Dive in now to discover the full spectrum of options available

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Cabbing Rough Stones for Lapidary Artists

Explore our magnificent assortment of unprocessed lapidary stones, carefully sourced from the heart of nature, poised for metamorphosis into breathtaking cabochons, tumbles, and beads. Browse our selection today for a diverse array of untouched natural stones, ideal for your lapidary endeavors.

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1kg Rutile Quartz Crystals - Golden Rutile Quartz Crystals for Sale.

Raw Crystals

Raw Crystals in Bulk directly from the mine. Raw Crystals include rough tourmaline, beryl, rubies, sapphires, aquamarine, topaz, peridots, scapolite and many other crystals.
One can use these crystals as collection, raw crystal stone jewelry, healing purpose, DIY crafts and for many other purposes.

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Discover Authentic 100% Natural Gemstones Available for Purchase at GemsVisor

Discover GemsVisor, your ultimate destination for 100% natural wholesale gemstones. As esteemed gemstone dealers, we offer wholesale gems, crystals, loose gemstones, mineral specimens, crystal collections, cabochons, beads, jewelry, and more at competitive prices. With a commitment to authenticity, we source our gems directly from reputable mines, ensuring ethical practices. Experience transparency and connect with the origins of these stunning gems.

Explore our collection, including birthstones for sale.
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