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Rough Amber 500 Grams For Lapidary Artist / Burma Amber

Rough Amber 500 Grams For Lapidary Artist / Burma Amber

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This is a parcel of 500 grams of natural rough amber. It has a beautiful color. These are large pieces, and their size is also very good.

Product Details: 

  • STONE NAME: Burma Amber
  • STONE TYPE: Raw Gems
  • DIMENSION: 2 to 12 grams per piece
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 500 grams
  • TOTAL PIECES: Mixed sizes in lump sum parcel
  • COLOR: Orange, Brown
  • SHAPE: Raw
  • ORIGIN OF STONE: Myanmar
  • OTHER INFO: These stones exhibit very nice colors and sizes, making them perfect for carving and cabbing.

Rough amber is sourced from the city of Burma in Myanmar. It is famous worldwide for its rarity among gems.

Uses of Rough Amber:

  • Rough amber can be used in various ways, each with its own unique appeal.
  • This rough amber is suitable for lapidary work.
  • High-quality beads can be crafted from this rough amber, which add a  elegance to jewelry.
  • Both beautiful colors and high quality cabochons can be made from this rough amber, ideal for jewelry making.
  • Skilled cutters can create different styles and shapes from this rough amber, allowing for faceting and various cuts.
  • This rough amber comes in large sizes in batches, perfect for artists to carve into different shapes.
  • Pendants can be crafted from this rough amber, or it can be used in its raw form for jewelry making.
  • Additionally, some pieces of this rough amber are easy to work with for wire wrapping.



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