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Explore our exquisite Natural
Rubies Stone Collection, selected for faceters, lapidary artists, and jewelry
designers alike. Discover a diverse range of facet rough rubies, loose stones
perfect for jewelry design, raw ruby crystals, stunning ruby jewelry pieces,
and specimens tailored for mineral collectors. Our stones are sourced from
world renowned origins, offering multiple variety. Make collection with a touch
of luxury.

Natural Rubies Collection: Exquisite Gemstones of Passion

Visit GemsVisor to experience the beauty of rubies,
the brilliant birthstone for July. renowned for their timeless grace and shining hues. For generations, rubies have owned people's hearts. These priceless gemstones are displayed in all of their beauty in our collection, ranging from vivid pink tones to deep red.We offer rubies of every kind and quality at incredibly affordable prices.

Ruby: The King of Gemstones

"Ruby, the King of Gemstones, Stays

Ruby, known as the "King of Gemstones," is highly prized in the
jewelry industry due to its exceptional beauty and seductive beauty.

We are offering in Natural Rubies collection such as;-

1. Raw and uncut Ruby crystals with hexagonal shapes

2. Ruby Slices displaying hexagonal marks

3. Natural, uncut loose Ruby stones suitable for beading

4. Natural, uncut loose Ruby stones ideal for faceting (premium quality)

5. Authentic Raw Kashmir Rubies with pigeon blood color (100% natural and genuine)

6. Raw Afghan Rubies for faceting, beading, and wire wrapping

7. Raw Ruby crystals and specimens sourced from Kashmir, Hunza, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan primarily

8. Loose faceted Ruby gems from Kashmir, Afghanistan, Hunza, and Tajikistan

9. Many heated loose Mozambique Rubies

10. Both heated and unheated
loose Burmese Rubies

Origins of Rubies:

Burmese Rubies: Burmese rubies, which come from the well-known
mines in Myanmar (formerly Burma), are well-known for their vivid red hue
and remarkable clarity. These rubies are highly prized by collectors and
experts alike since they frequently have a deep blood color.

Thai Rubies:

Thai rubies are prized for their deep red tones
with touches of pink and purple, and they are mined in Thailand. These gems
frequently attract light, which increases their beauty on an additional level.

African Rubies:

African rubies have a very brilliant red color and
are found in nations like Tanzania and Mozambique. African rubies, with their
remarkable size and rich color, are a popular option for attention-grabbing
showpiece pieces.

Kinds of Rubies:

Pigeon Blood Rubies:

Pigeon blood rubies are among the rarest and most
valuable kinds of rubies. They are distinguished by their vivid, pure, bright
red hue that resembles fresh blood. These gems' remarkable clarity and rich
color make them extremely desirable.

Star Rubies:

When exposed to light, star rubies display the
amazing phenomenon known as asterism, in which a pattern resembling a star
appears to move over the surface.

Cabochon Rubies:

The smooth, rounded, covered surface of cabochon-cut rubies is devoid of
facets. This cut brings out the color of the ruby and lets a rich, capturing
light come from within, giving the piece a timeless, refined appearance.


"Royal" Rubies: These gems, which come primarily from the Mogok
region of Myanmar, are frequently referred to as "Royal" rubies. They
are prized for being a symbol of luxury and distinction, with remarkable color
saturation and clarity.

Why Choose Natural Rubies?

Timeless Elegance:

For generations, natural rubies have been used as jewelry by royalty and the
government to represent wealth, power, and desire.

Unique Beauty: With its unique color variations and inclusions, every ruby is a unique
work of art created by nature.

Investment Value:

Natural rubies are among the most expensive gemstones, and their value
increases with time, making them a wise purchase for the future.

Unmatched Beauty:

Ruby is the only gemstone that draws attention with
its deep, velvety crimson hue. We handpick each ruby in our collection for its
remarkable clarity and vivid color, so you can be sure you're getting a stone
of unmatched beauty.

Historical Significance:

Ruby has been prized by cultures all around the
world throughout history. In the past, people thought that wearing a ruby could
both protect one from harm and provide luck.

Ruby is still associated with courage, wealth, and love today.

Explore the ideal gemstone for flavoring your
jewelry collection with a hint of passion and grace by perusing our Natural
Ruby Collection today. Take in the majesty of rubies with our superb
collection. Discover the ideal ruby jewelry to grace yourself or a loved one
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